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Wellness and Predictive Medicine

Veterinary DNA Testing


      Innovation and the exploration are the fundamental spirits and guides for the research and development at Taiwan Genome Sciences.
       In 2003, the Taiwan Genome Sciences developed a series of lifestyle genetic test products, for the first time to link genome medicine with preventative medicine. Genome medicine is no longer an academia research topic; instead it now affects our daily life and future health. Taiwan Genome Sciences offers the genome medicine products, under the brand name of CheckYourGenes, to assess the risk factors for diseases including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, immune disorders, and mental disorders. CheckYourGenes currently is the leading brand for genetic test products in Taiwan. Through OEM/ODM, Taiwan Genome Sciences also markets the genetic test products through health care providers in oversee markets including Hong Kong and Japan.
      The advancement of genome medicine not only allows us to evaluate the genetic risk factors for certain diseases in individuals but also allows us to develop quick and accurate diagnostic methods for diseases affecting domestic animals. Taiwan Genome Sciences has developed a series of diagnostic products to assist clinicians in disease diagnosis, eugenics breeding, and sex determination for parrot. These products are available through local pet shops and veterinary hospitals.
      The fundamental goals for our services are care and cure.


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