• Company Barckground

    Taiwan Genome Sciences(TGS) was founded in 1999 by business groups in Taiwan including Yuen Foong Yu (YFY), Uni-President, Cheng-Ching Hospital, Lifespan Bioscience (USA), and Academia Sinica.. The company is focusing on the discovery and development of disease therapeutics and diagnostics.

    Taiwan Genome Sciences has laboratory space located at Nan-Kang Software Park which is the largest biotechnology hub in Taipei, Taiwan. The research and development team has extensive backgrounds in medicine, veterinary sciences, medical technology, nutritional sciences, and genetic counseling.

    Products and Services

    Since 2003, the Taiwan Genome Sciences has been the leader in Taiwan in predictive genetic test products and services. The company offers the products, under the brand name of Know Your Genes (KYG), to assess the risk factors for diseases including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, immune disorders, mental disorders and others. Through OEM/ODM contracts, Taiwan Genome Sciences also provide third party testing genetic test products through health care providers in Hong Kong and Japan.
    In addition, Taiwan Genome Sciences has a business division for veterinary DNA testing. The company is now the largest veterinary testing service provider in Taiwan for animal hospitals (mainly dogs/cats). We provide PCR/DNA based laboratory diagnostics for infectious diseases, paternity testing, identification, eugenics breeding, and sex determination for birds.

    Management Team

    Andrew Kuo, S.M.(MIT), M.B.A., Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


    Mr. Andrew Kuo is one of the company founders. He has a very extensive experience in investment,operation and management of biotechnology companies. He is the board member of Taiwan Genome Sciences, Inc., LifeSpan Biosciences (USA) and PhenoGenomics Corporation (USA). Before joining Taiwan Genome Sciences, Inc. Mr. Kuo was the Manager for the Venture Planning Division of Tuntex Petrochemical Inc. based in Taipei in which he was in charge of technology transfer and execution of many large chemical projects in Taiwan and Thailand. Mr. Andrew Kuo received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from MIT Sloan School of Management where he was selected as the Alfred P. Sloan Fellow in 1997.

    Email: andrewkuo@tgs.com.tw


    Shern-Fwu Lee, Ph.D., Board Member and Senior R&D Manager


    Dr. Shern-Fwu Lee has extensive research experience in Chemical Carcinogenesis, molecular and cellular biology. When he was a graduate student, his major work was research on the genotoxicity of benzene metabolites-polyphenols, and phase II enzymes induction by green tea polyphenols in the lab. of Dr. Jen-Kun Lin. After receiving his Ph. D. degree, Dr. Lee joined the lab. of Dr. Jeffrey J.-Y. Yen in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica from 1995 to 1999, where he did research on the molecular mechanism of survival & apoptosis in the haematopoietic cells, and find out someone unique gene, a molecule trigger cytokine-withdrawal induced apoptosis. In 2000 Dr. Lee joined the TGS, and set up the expression-based biotechnologies and speed up the flow-through of polymorphism genotyping. Dr. Shern-Fwu Lee did his undergraduate degree from National Chen-Kung University and his advanced graduate study from the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medicine College, National Taiwan University.

    Email: sflee@tgs.com.tw

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.


    Dr. Leroy Hood is the Chief Scientific Advisor of TGS. Dr. Hood is the Co-founder and head of the Institute for Systems Biology. He was the William Gates III Professor of Biomedical Sciences and founding chair of the Department of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Washington from 1992 to 1999. He has been a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1982. He received the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Sciences Research Award. Dr. Leroy Hood received his B.S. from the California Institute of Technology, his M.D. from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology.


    Jiri Homola, Ph.D.


    Dr. Jiri Homola is the Head of Department of Guided-Wave Optics, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic. Dr. Homola is an expert in the field of guided-wave optics, photonic devices, and optical sensors. He is a member of Scientific Council of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Prague, 1995 – 1998, and also a senior member of IEEE, member of European Optical Society, Czechoslovak Society for Photonics, Czech Electrotechnical Society. He has published more than 35 journal papers, 70 conference papers, and two book chapters. His doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering was obtained at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


    Kai Wang, Ph.D.


    Dr. Kai Wang has extensive research experience in genomics and bioinformatics at Caltech and the University of Washington where he worked closely with Dr. Leory Hood, one of the world leaders in biotechnology. After leaving his Assistant Professorship in University of Washington, Seattle, he joined Darwin Moleculars (which later becomes Celltech R & D) during which Dr. Wang set up the expression-based gene discovery infrastructure for Celltech R & D, Inc., and has been leading this multi-disciplinary group in the past several years.His research has resulted in the discovery of several novel therapeutic targets, two patent applications, and over 40 research papers. Dr. Wang received his graduate degree from National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan and received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Oregon State University.