• Company Barckground

    Taiwan Genome Sciences(TGS) was founded in 1999 by business groups in Taiwan including Yuen Foong Yu (YFY), Uni-President, Cheng-Ching Hospital, Lifespan Bioscience (USA), and Academia Sinica.. The company is focusing on the discovery and development of disease therapeutics and diagnostics.

    Taiwan Genome Sciences has laboratory space located at Nan-Kang Software Park which is the largest biotechnology hub in Taipei, Taiwan. The research and development team has extensive backgrounds in medicine, veterinary sciences, medical technology, nutritional sciences, and genetic counseling.

    Products and Services

    Since 2003, the Taiwan Genome Sciences has been the leader in Taiwan in predictive genetic test products and services. The company offers the products, under the brand name of Know Your Genes (KYG), to assess the risk factors for diseases including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, immune disorders, mental disorders and others. Through OEM/ODM contracts, Taiwan Genome Sciences also provide third party testing genetic test products through health care providers in Hong Kong and Japan.
    In addition, Taiwan Genome Sciences has a business division for veterinary DNA testing. We provide PCR/DNA based laboratory diagnostics for infectious diseases, paternity testing, identification, eugenics breeding, and sex determination for birds.